Are you looking for the best travel blogs to read for all your wanderlust inspiration?

We’ve put together a list featuring our favorite travel blogs, with a diverse compilation covering some of the best bloggers in the travel world. In no particular order, here are our current favorite travel blogs.

1. Young Adventuress

Liz has been traveling the world since she was 16, and has been expertly traveling, eating, and photographing her way through numerous countries. Liz provides an in depth look at the countries she visits, and doesn’t hold back when telling you the good and the bad of her encounters. We may be slightly addicted to this blog.

young adventuress


2. Around the World in 80 Jobs

An interesting look at the world, Around the World in 80 Jobs is written by Turner, a fun seeking traveler who’s purpose is four fold: to find his muse, to travel, to fund his travels, and to share the job opportunities he’s found around the globe. If you’re serious about being a nomad and earning dollars to support it, you’ve found your blog.



3. Wild Junket

Founded by Nellie Huang, Wild Junket is an adventure travelers dream blog. With articles on traveling to every corner of the globe, Wild Junket has some fascinating looks on everything from skydiving in Spain to kayaking in Alaska.




4. Travel Dudes

Travel Dudes is a travel community with many contributors, there slogan is “for travelers, by travelers”, and they live up to their tag line. Watch videos, read tons of interesting blogs, and explore the world all on one site.



5. Beers and Beans

Beth and Randy are traveling the world in the ultimate attempt to provide travelers with inspiration to take their own journey. They travel slow, often volunteering and working on organic farms. Well worth a look when you need a little travel inspiration.



6. The Planet D

Dave and Deb have been married for 16 years, and have been traveling the globe for a good majority of that period. This is the ultimate travel couple, if you and your spouse are looking to do some traveling, we would highly recommend this blog.



7. Wandering Earl

With over 70 countries under his belt, Wandering Earl has been living as a permanent nomad for over a decade. His blog is one of our personal favorites, with a candid look at traveling the world on a budget.



8. Bacon is Magic

With easily the best name on the list, how could you not check out Bacon is Magic? Curated by Ayngelina, Bacon is Magic is a blog about the people and places behind world cuisine. Mmmm…

bacon is magic


9. The Aussie Nomad

Chris has been living abroad as an expat since 2010, and provides a well rounded look view of the world. Many of his articles are written for budget travelers, while others focus on luxury and the expat lifestyle. Check him out.



10. Wandering Trader

Wandering Trader is one of the most successful travel blogs in the world, and Marcellus has traveled to nearly every corner of the world uncovering new gems. If you like adventure you’ll love going through this blog packed with awesome experiences.



11. Canvas of Light

If you’re looking for a beautiful photo blog, look no further than Canvas of Light. Curated by Daniel Nahabedian, all articles include stunning photo galleries that really add to the pieces. These photos will make you want to book a ticket.



12. Johnny Vagabond

Wes Nations travels the world “low and slow”, which means slow travel, generally by ground transportation. His blog Johnny Vagabond is fresh and entertaining, check out the “Crazy Stories” section for some awesome quick reads.



13. Fevered Mutterings

Fevered Mutterings is a travel blog about “misadventures” by Mike Sowden. Mike has “missed countless flights, got lost climbing umpteen hills and crossing countless fields, and looked stupid in front of more people than you would believe.” His stories are funny, unique, and definitely worth checking out.



14. Uncornered Market 

Dan and Aubrey are full time travelers with a passion for creativity, personal development, technology, public diplomacy, travel and street food. Their blog, photo gallery, and podcast are all top notch, and hearing their individual perspectives is highly interesting.



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