Let’s be honest, limiting the list to only 7 natural wonders was way too restrictive. That’s why we here at Maupintour have expanded the list, adding 7 more amazing natural wonders that you should definitely visit at least once in your life. Take a look through our list of 7 more natural wonders. Did we miss your favorite natural wonder? Sound off in our comments section below.

7. The Plitvice Lakes

At the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Croatia lies one of the most unique national parks in the world. The Plitvice Lakes include 16 total lakes which cascade from one to another, and are renowned for their distinctive colors. Bears, wolves, rabbits, badgers, and over 120 bird species are known to frequent the park, so keep a lookout.

 The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

6. Iguazu Falls

Situated at the border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, the Iguazu Falls are arguably the most spectacular in the world. The translation comes roughly to “Big Water”, which is a highly simple, yet highly accurate description. The falls are taller than Niagara and twice as wide, so expect big things. If you have a minute (full disclosure: one minute and seven seconds) check out this quick video.


5. Salar de Uyani (Salt Flats)

It’s almost impossible to tell where the ground ends and the sky begins at the Salt Flats of Bolivia. The Salar de Uyani is the world’s largest salt desert, sitting at around 11,000 square kilometers. The flats are actually 3,600 meters above sea level, which allows for low lying clouds to really add to the mystique.

 Jeep in the salt flats bolivia

4. Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga, translation Troll’s Tongue, is a piece of rock that hangs out horizontally over Skjeggedal in Odda, Norway. Sitting 800 meters above Lake “Too Hard to Pronounce”, Trolltunga is easily one of the most spectacular cliffs in the world. Take the hike in June when the snows have melted, and leave with the photo of a lifetime.

For REAL adventure seekers: The name of the Lake is Ringedalsvatnet. Good luck.

Trolltunga in Norway Fjords

3. The Blue Hole

Originally made famous by Jacques Cousteau who declared it as one of the best diving spots in the world, The Great Blue Hole can be found off the coast of Belize. Thousands of years ago when sea levels were much lower, the caves that occupied the area were flooded creating this natural phenomenon. Listen to JC here: diving is a must.

the blue hole in belize

2. Baatara Gorge Waterfall

Located on the Lebanon Mountain Trail, the Baatara Gorge Waterfall is one of the most unique formations of land you will ever see. The Falls itself are 255 meters high, and fall through a cave made of limestone called the Baatara Pothole. Also known as “The Cave of the Three Bridges”, this is one of the more hidden wonders of the world that is definitely worth your while.

baatara gorge waterfall lebanon


1. Angel’s Landing

Zion National Park, Utah is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the US, and there is definitely more than one hike worth checking out here. But if you have limited time, the trail to Angel’s Landing is definitely the most breathtaking. The path is treacherous at parts, but trust us, it’s all worth it.

angels landing tour

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