Justin Kerby

1. Maupintour is offering a 12% commission for all new reservations made by June 15, 2014 (all tour sales, land portion only) 2. Agents Bonus: For each tour you book receive an entry in the $100 Maupintour Bonus Commission Raffle. Every month Maupintour will select a travel agent who will receive a $100 bonus. 3. Bonus […]

Dangerously Close Call for Baby Buffalo This video was taken in Mjejane Game Reserve in South Africa, and shows a curious buffalo wander straight into the path of a lion. What happens next is as heroic as it comes in the animal kingdom, watch as the mother of the baby buffalo launches a full-blown attack […]

When we wanted input on what travelers thought the best cities in the world were, we turned immediately to Reddit. Why do we love Reddit here at Maupintour? Because Redditors cut to the chase. If you want to know what a city is really like, take a look at the /r/travel section on Reddit and […]

Another Adorable Warning From Zambia This video features a group of travelers on a tour in Zambia, who happened to encounter a group of elephants. After giggling at one of the youngest members of the herd, the baby elephant takes great offense: watch his cute response below. For more information on taking your own safari […]

Warning: Extreme Cuteness Ahead   Botswana is a magical destination, and a great place to go on safari. The Chobe Game Reserve has some of the largest populations of elephant, water-buffalo, and lion in the world. Big game flock to the Chobe River to cool down during the heat of the day, and it is […]

10. Swim in Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls Whatever you do, DON’T LOOK DOWN! Or maybe take a quick peek over the edge of death and snap a picture on this hell-raising attraction off the east coast of Africa. At 360 feet high, this waterfall of doom won’t end in a pleasant splash but none to […]

Let’s be honest, limiting the list to only 7 natural wonders was way too restrictive. That’s why we here at Maupintour have expanded the list, adding 7 more amazing natural wonders that you should definitely visit at least once in your life. Take a look through our list of 7 more natural wonders. Did we […]

Making a list of the top 5 beer destinations was tough, but we’re confident in our selections. Think this list is terrible? Can’t understand why Canada/Japan/Ghana didn’t make the list? Sound off in our comments section, we’re game. Here’s our list of the top 5 beer destinations. 5. Ireland Despite what you may think, 60% […]

With the 2014 Winter Olympics underway in Sochi, Russia, what better time is there to be inspired to see some of the past host cities. Having experienced the Winter Olympics in 2010 I can attest to the fact that hosting the Olympics changes a city, and in Vancouver’s case for the better. Here is our […]

Travel to Colombia has grown exponentially over the last decade, largely because there are so many things to do in Colombia. The nation has evolved into an amazing vacation destination. Here are our top 10 things to do in Colombia. 10. Spot the Local Wildlife Pink dolphins, emperor tamarins, sloths, jaguarundis, and over 1800 species of […]