When we wanted input on what travelers thought the best cities in the world were, we turned immediately to Reddit. Why do we love Reddit here at Maupintour? Because Redditors cut to the chase. If you want to know what a city is really like, take a look at the /r/travel section on Reddit and ask a question – you’ll get the answer you’re looking for, quickly.
 We’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite cities in the world, and have called upon members of Reddit to answer the definitive question – what makes these cities the best?
 Take a look at their answers below, and be sure to tell us what you’re favorite city is in the comment section below!


1. Yangon, Myanmar via chiraz25

“Yangon, Myanmar. It has diversity, delicious food, beautiful religious sites, friendly people, and great beer.”

yangon myanmar as the sun rises

From imgur

2. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA via aceec

“The most obvious thing about NOLA is the music. There is live music everywhere. I walked into an almost empty off the beaten tracks bar to grab a drink and listened to some old man tear his soul out singing some of the dirtiest blues you’ll ever hear while the guitarist melted my brain with some of his riffs. There is also the French influence which gives the city a bit more of a unique vibe. Most importantly there is some unnamed energy about that city that I can’t really describe.”

bourbon street new orleans louisiana

3. Budapest, Hungary via youscurvydawg

“Budapest. It’s cheap, beautiful, with incredible attractions (war museum in particular) and has the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. It does seem to be one of those places that are best to visit with a local or some one who knows the city very well but that’s a criticism I’ve heard from other people and is not my own. I went during summer and it was wonderfully hot with a lovely breeze coming off the Danube.”

budapest hungary by the river

4. Kyoto, Japan via scientastic

“Kyoto. I have seen a lot of temples in Asia — so many that I am “templed out” and usually don’t feel like seeing another when I am visiting a new town or city in East Asia (unless I happen to be walking by I might take a look for the heck of it). Yet when I visit Kyoto, I can see the same temples again and again and feel amazed with them. Kiyomizu-dera’s perfect view, Ryoanji’s puzzling rock garden, Ginkakuji’s woodsy charm (the Silver one, not the Golden one). And the gentle smell of Arashiyama/Sagano bamboo forest. These are just a few of my favorites. I also love wandering Gion and seeing tourists dressed up like Geisha, or rarely a real geisha.”

temple in kyoto japan

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands via lejisemika

“Amsterdam: just because it’s beautiful and the people are so nice.”

Amsterdam in the Morning

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6. Vienna, Austria via rafikeivergreen

“Vienna is the most grande and majestic city I have ever been to. It’s the epitome of what an Imperial Capital should be.”

autumn in vienna austria

7. Tokyo, Japan via slimkeyboard

“There’s always something going on. The transport system, cultural scene, safety, society work all well together. Eating/dining/drinking is another league.”

shinjuku shopping districit in tokyo japan at night

8. Prague, Czech Republic via okamzikprosim

“I lived here so I’m a tad biased but it’s affordable and a great city to walk around and discover a good music scene and up and coming art. It’s extremely easy to get around. Also, as others have said, the beer.”

city of prague in the czech republic

9. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada via silenteuphoria

“BEAUTIFUL place. Hip city with gorgeous Rockies in the background. sigh What I would give to visit again…”

city of vancouver british columbia canada bc

10. Cape Town, South Africa via black_raven_wa

“Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited, a place where city life meets nature (and great food too!). We stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast in the Bo’Kaap area, the place was nice and clean and safe and the service was just unbelievable.”

cape town south africa aerial view


What is your favorite city in the world? Paris, Rome, Quebec City, Charleston? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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