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Making a list of the top 5 beer destinations was tough, but we’re confident in our selections. Think this list is terrible? Can’t understand why Canada/Japan/Ghana didn’t make the list? Sound off in our comments section, we’re game. Here’s our list of the top 5 beer destinations. 5. Ireland Despite what you may think, 60% […]

As I stepped off the plane at Ciampino International Airport, there was only one word to describe the feeling. Heat. Undoubtedly, as a Canadian, I’m not accustomed to 40°C (104°F) weather. That being said, I was in Rome – a place I had read about all through school. I wasn’t going to let the heat change […]

Looking for the best travel books to read, whether at home or on the road? Choosing the top 5 best travel books was an extremely challenging task for an avid reader of the genre, and cutting out some of my favorite books was difficult. Nevertheless, I’m confident in my selections – here’s a list of […]