With the embargo between the US and Cuba being lifted, Americans are beginning to travel to the beautiful island. The only problem is that it can be tough knowing where to start. Don’t worry, because Maupintour is here to help. Here are our favorite sites to see while traveling Cuba.

7. Partagás Cigar Factory

Founded in 1845, this factory is one of the oldest in all of Cuba and produces over five million cigars every year. The first thing you’ll noticed when you walk in is the rich aroma, the second thing you’ll notice is the floor of workers making cigars while smoking them (just one sign that the cigars are high in quality). Cigars here are amazing and can be purchased for at a very low price, making the Partagas Cigar Factory a must-visit for any collector or connoisseur.


6. Museum of the Revolution


Located in Old Havana, the exhibits at this museum are largely devoted to Cuba’s revolution that spanned from 1953-1959, when Cuba became a socialist state.  The museum is filled with various war airplanes, tanks and vehicles along with one of Fidel Castro’s yachts.

5. Malecón


This wonderful site in Havana is a seawall that extends eight kilometers and stretches across the border of the city where the land meets the ocean. Stroll, jump off the walkway or enjoy watching the beautiful sunset sink into the ocean at this iconic landmark.


4. Alejandro de Humboldt Park


Located on the southeastern end of the country, this breathtaking jungle is home to many species including parrots, lizards, hummingbirds and thousands of other tropical animals. Full of beautiful green landscape and long flowing rivers, Alejandro de Humboldt Park is the perfect getaway for any wildlife lover.


3. El Capitolio

Built in the late 1920s, this capital building was the seat of government in Cuba until after the revolution in the 1950s. Its design is largely based on the United States Capitol Building and contains the world’s third tallest indoor statue La Estatua de la República.


2. Viñales Valley


This location is one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Cuba. Viñales Valley isn’t just scenic though, its rich soil has been known to produce some of the best tobacco in the country using largely traditional methods. Visitors can get tours of the land and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the limestone mogotes that rise nearly 300 meters out of the earth. All-in-all, it’s a fantastic spot that is a must-see in Cuba.

1. Varadero


This tropical paradise is one of the most popular beaches in all of Cuba. This beach is the prototypical getaway that the average person daydreams about in their cubicle with sand as fine as flour and water as blue as sapphire. Grab a Mojito and and sink your toes in as you watch the tide roll on by.

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